Simple solutions.

Founded in 2009 on private capital, with near 10 years of experience. Our vision is to offer state of the art software and hardware solutions to companies of different size. We mainly develop web applications and we are also capable of making user interfaces to deploy them as Android and iOS applications. We also offer other solutions like:

  • Monitoring
  • Cloud service
  • Creation and management of information channels
  • Booking management systems for beauty salons and spas
  • Creation, servicing and management of websites
  • Servicing and expertise

Servicing and expertise.

We can carry out maintenance work on different kind of electric and electronic devices, measure extent of damages your devices may encounter during it's lifespan and also carry out expertise works to help you solve insurance cases.

Our expertise also includes the ability to develop dispenser detergent ammounts and washing maschine programmes for laundromats.

From Back-end to Front-end website development.

Taking care of your website throughout it's lifecycle is our core competence, wether it needs servicing or maybe it needs someone to manage it's upkeep(e.g. hosting), and if you still don't have a website or need to replace an exisiting one, contact us and we'll find development solutions together!

Information channel &
booking management system.

Our information channel makes it possible for you to display any kind of information, with custom design tailored for your needs. Whether you are a restaurant that wants to display daily deals and a menu or a events centre wanting a cool and up to date way to display upcoming events, we have you covered!

We also offer a web based booking management system for beauty salons and spas that makes it possible for you to manage your bookings online.

Monitoring Platform.

Our comprehensive monitoring platform allows us to monitor the vital signs of Your servers, services and/or websites, and also attempts of attack, around the clock, to keep operational interruptions at minimum.

Why use our monitoring platform?


Our database is encrypted and we don't share any data, that we collect for monitoring purposes about your servers, checks and/or websites with third parties.

Quick & simple overview.

Our platform allows us to dedicate a view so that you can see the up to date state of your systems under monitoring.


We can find solutions for issuses your servers, services and/or websites have, identify their cause and even issue fixes if they do not originate from third party sources.

What we monitor.


Checks on most important web services.

We can run checks on port state, latency times, blocked IP's, DNS, also on TCP, UDP, ICMP protocols and on FTP, SSH, RDP HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP services.


Metrics of most Linux and Windows servers.

We can monitor: CPU usage, system load, service/process uptime, RAM usage, swap usage, disk usage, no data, network connections, SSH connections, ping and network speed.


Monitoring the vital signs of your websites.

We can monitor HTTP responce code, loading times and search keywords.

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